Friday, May 19, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Simple Singing variation

Kids will be easily get bored if we just singing without variation. I learn some variation style of singing from my friend. She’s just lead the kids to sing the same old song, but with more variation. Its just like a simple singing activities. You can copy these techniques easily.

Follow my Hand

Ask kids to follow your hand. Divide kids into two or three group. If your hand goes to left side, it means the left side group sing, if it goes right then the right side turn. And if you lift two hand, means all the kids must sing. You can make this style more harder, with reversed style, told them that if your hand goes to left side, it means the right group sing.

Control Volume

Explain about the volume control, if you show them 5 fingers then it means they sing to the loudest. 1 finger, sing with light voice, 3 mean normal voice. And no finger means still singing but without voice, only lips and mouth movement. You can do fast change while they’re singing from one to five or five to zero. They must keep an eye to your code.

Music sound

This is more easy. Change the voice with music voice, if you said guitar, then they must change their voice to guitar voice, but still sing the song. Piano with piano voice ( only ting ting ting ), drum ( dum dum dum ), and so on. Let them also choice their own sound. You can variate with dividing group, guitar voice group, piano voice group, etc. So it will be a full music there!

As time goes by you can create various technique. Just keep your brain creative. Have a nice song leading!

I wish that school teahcers in my country and also in South Asia had your style in teaching. I just like to know whether your students can see your blog or not?
By the way, I have written about your blog in a freelance writing forum:
thanks Raz, I have known that too from my site meter. My student, well i dont know they can see this or not.
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