Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Social Activities

Hi there
related to disaster happened here, I want to share some ideas to involved kids in social activities to help others. The most important thing is to give seed to their heart about helping other and the feeling to help other with genuine motivation. As usual, I will share simple idea only, because from the simple one, then we could take a bigger step ( its ridiculous to send my kids as a volunteer in dangerous place ). The activities below, related to fund raising and collecting usefull things for disaster's victim.

Class Saving
Make a piggy bank or place to save money for your class. You can make it together with students or kids. The bank must be big so it can be filled with much coin ( money ), also it should'nt transparant. So kids wont compare each other money. Each kid can give their money voluntary in that bank. The one bank for a class is better than each bank for each student. Because, again , individual bank will make them seeing each other saving account, and the one with small amount of money can be sad. Gives deadline time, example : after a month then, the bank will be emptying and the money will be given to the poor or needy.

Bazaar/garage sale
Held a bazaar in your school, and invite all the people from your community. The things that sold in bazaar can be used item, or anything kids want to sell. Also a good idea if they making some craft or arts to be sell there. The money gets from this bazaar will be used as charity. Making cookies and sell it here also great. Teacher, parents and kids can make it together.

Caroling/talent show

Same as the bazaar idea. Kids can perform in a show to gain money for charity. The show can be a singing show or drama. Remember to practice and train, dont just make it easy. Also involved all the kids, don't just the clever or smart kid.

At last, I want to said again about the importance of the lesson, to care and help other. Doesnt matter how much money can be gain. We're not selling our kids here.

very groovy what you're doing- thanx for the comment on mine, and by the way that picture is a large marijuana bud- indica,dutch jack herer to be exact.
I think the best thing that can be done by a teacher is to create humanity and kindness among the children. You see they are children their capacity is limited but when they grow older with a kind heart they can serve humanity much better. I do not have any problem about the ways you suggested and I think they are important but I think it is more important to teach the children about developing kindess to other people in the society.
thank for your comment
well I hope I can educate my students well so they can be usefull for improving their country
We really need to impart to the young ones the value of helping out those in need so that when their time comes, they do not forget that humanity will never succeed without one another.
I truly love your blogs. Children need to learn how to save at an early age. If not, they will have financial problems at a later life. Well said, mate.
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