Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fun Sunday School

Well I think I havent define what I mean by Fun Sunday School, I will define these words by myself. Lets start it one by one.

Fun : Means fun, just kidding, its mean happy , a bit freedom, smile, laughter, joy.

Sunday : Its a name of a day in week. Sunday, in international calendar is holiday. People can take vacation in sunday or just taking a rest. Some said that Sunday is the first day, but some said that sunday is the last day. Bible told us that the last day of creation, God take a rest.

School : Place to study. The subjects to study is depend on curriculum in this place. Also there is some rule in this place. People who study in school called student and people who guide or teach students called teacher.

Now I will arrange it by two words

Fun Sunday : Means that a nice sunday, full with happiness and joy.

Sunday School : Some people seen this as a contradictory, school in Sunday ?! Oh cmon, isnt that just enough for school from Monday to Friday ( or Saturday ). Sunday School term has different definition from School. In Sunday School, students learn about Bible and things related to that. The teacher called sunday school teacher. Learn about Bible isnt a cool things in this modern day. So lets just add one more word infront.

Fun Sunday School : Sunday School added with fun. Means kids can learn Bible with joy and happiness. The athmosphere is set to be as comfort as possible. Not to serious and religious. The teachers also not to cold or to formal. Its different from usual school. Many cheerfull song and activities add here.

Seems hard to make it fun, since Bible and School isnt a fun thing for children.
I will post the how to make it fun in the next post.

Welcome to Fun Sunday School.

hi, thx for stopping by...
i used to go to sunday school in my elementary school ages (they send me for CCA, caroling, bible camp, hahahaha those days...), then i start to feel im too old to singing those fun songs, hehehehe good blog though...
Iya niyhh.. Jarang update emang..
soalnya : 1. koneksi lemot, 2. belum ada cerita seruuuwww... Hiks..hiks..
Tapi, pesannya akan saya perhatikeun. Tq yaaaaa....
dear indonesian friends, goodluck with your blog too.
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