Monday, May 08, 2006

Get Up! ( From Bed )

Somebody told me that bed has its own contradictory. At night, when you want to sleep, you're make sure that you will leave the bed on time at morning. But in the morning you just want to spent a little while in your bed ( to sleep again?). I think its ok to take a sleep or just moving lazyly in your bed. Nobody will banned you.

I also have some get up problem. And to solve this, I try some way :
1. Alarm
Use alarm is one of the goodway. But I know we can easily stopped the beep by push or hit it. So if you set up an alarm, put that alarm as far from your bed, and make sure to turn it of you need to walk or stand. Doubling the alarm is also good idea, use the alarm clock and the alarm from your cell phone. But set it up at different time, one at 6.00 and the other at 6.05.

2. Human Alarm
Just put a paper in your refrigerator or place that can seen by other people in your house. Write down "please wake me up at.....". You can also add " its urgent, wake me up till I wake up ". And you must also permit the person to do whatever things to make you wake up. Even if she/he needs to splash you with water.

3. Remember your Schedule
Remembering a schedule can make you thought what you must do. Just mention it to yourself that your schedule will need to be reset if you come late because of get up problem. This is a nice way for me, as I dont want to waste my time and my effort making schedule.

4. Think positive
Think that others has waited for you to come up. Think that kids wants to greet you at school. Think that your co worker and boss ( !? ) need you. Think that the world can be change by your role. Dont waste your time! And I'm always thinking, "ok I get up now, but will sleep as much as I want later, after my job is done "

I hope this will be a usefull tips. Get up on time will make you can prepare well for school or for work. And you can come up on time at school which mean you still have time to meet and greet the kids and the teacher ( which i have mention this at some previous post )

Get up now!

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I have a difficult time getting up every morning! For instance, when my alarm goes off, I tell myself that I am going to get a little more sleep. As a result, I am always late for work. In fact, I was late for minutes late for work this morning, but my boss was very understanding. Isn't she cool? Anywasy, nicely written! I love these strategies!
im have the same problem too, Taz but more cool than yours because my boss is more late than me....

but at sunday school im try my best to force myself to get up.
tiap hari selalu bangun jam 6 pagi, dan itu awal sebuah rutinitas


lam kenal yah
.. i have this silly tips on how to get up from bed..

Well, before i go to bed i usually drink like one or two glass of water. The result is your stomach will be full and u wont feel hungry at all at night *it's good for u who's in a diet program*

What it has something to do with wake up early?!?!?! *be patient dude!*

Now... earlier in the morning, even be4 your alarm buzzes noisily.. trust me, u'll wake up with 'semangat 45' to achieve one purpose..... take a leak *read: pipis* .... a very large amount of urine is heading to ur urinaire from your body...

and believe it.... u dont want to sleep anymore,,, hehehehe...

silly huh??!

*fyi.... my office hour is so flexible.. it only takes an sms to my Editor-in-Chief and i'll get the permission to arrive late*
well thanks for adding one more tips ronn
i think thats a good and can have logical explanation idea
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