Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How is it Going?

Hi there , its been a long time since I post about my Sunday School.
Well, Sunday School is still going well, but still many things to do here. First is preparation for the Kids camp. We havent found good speaker for this camp, but yesterday when preparing for sunday school together with my friend, the preparation leader makes me interested. She's so great and lead us well. I think she's got the power ( read about this on my previous posts ), she prepare all the things well and her stlye is good also the face expression.

Second, the Sunday School also makes preparation for Children day in July. The theme is about child abused in family. Usually we also trying to gain funds for disabled and sick kids. And with this condition in my country, maybe we also gain aid for earthquake victims.

I've got a sad news yesterday, saying that one of ex sunday school teacher still in treatment at GuangZhou ( China ). He has problem with his kidney and he has spent a month there , and sadly doctors said that there is no improvement in his health. He is one of my first friend in Sunday School, the first class mate I have there, and has guided me well in teaching. We pray for his health.

God Bless you All!

This Kid's Camp is a summer program, yes?
I envy how frequently and regularly you blog. Because I can't get to do so that often. This is good habit. Keep up the nice work! :)

Arun, if you want to blog more frequently, you must be very serious like Hedgehogman.
"Usually we also trying to gain funds for disabled and sick kids."
It is a very nice initiative. I wish that you can help many children.
well thanks all
yes the kids camp is for school holiday ( we dont have summer holiday here ).

Arun,razib also a good model for blogger
I hope your friend who's under treatment back in China gets well soon.
Really hedgehog, no summer holidays. That means kids go to school from January to December. Am I right?
Thanks for keeping us updated in regard to your school. In fact, I am glad things are going great for you.
duh saya mah gak bisa euy bahasa inggris lom sarapan roti soalna tadi ...

jadi gak bisa komen ... coba pake bahasa sunda atau surabayaan pasti ta kasih komen deh ... kekekekkeke

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