Thursday, May 11, 2006

I lost it

I almost posted my 51'th message, but suddenly the internet connection is down and I havent backup the post. So, I lost it. Well thats life you can ruin it after working hard. At you can do it easily. If I just make a copy on microsoft word, sure there will be no problem like this. Im just not aware about this simple things.

Although Im so upset right now, but I learn that I must more carefull next time. And I tell you to backup your post, so you wont loose it. There is a person in bloggerforum who wrote : backup your post on his signature, but I dont take serious about that.

The case is same as you must bring spare tire on car, bring more pencil or ballpoints when doing exams, backup all your document and data, etc.

Right now I must go to teach

inet koneksiku juga lagi masalah,...semenjak antena kesamber petir, putus sambung terus :(

nb : kok ngga ada shoutbox mister ?? ngga bisa cuap cuap nih
shoutbox,hmm i will try to add it next week thanks for coming my indonesian friend
I never type the article directly because many times, I lost emails this way. I think you should do it too- first type in MS word and is then copy and paste. It does not take time.
good idea, im also planning that, saving the article to ms word first.
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