Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Idea is something like love and death.
Nobody know when it will come
Nobody know when it will gone
Nobody know where it will appear

Idea is sometimes hard to get, but sometimes it could easily come up. I need many idea for the sunday school, kids camp, chess teaching, blogs, etc. When I think hard about ideas, it never come up easily. But when in a relax condition, it can appear accidentally. You must be have the same experience.

Idea can also be come up by looking others. Looking at others job and modificate it, then this is what people call innovation. Adding this or replacing that. I know this is not original one, but still we can produce better one.

I have mentioned that Idea not always come in hard thinking. But this doesnt mean you dont have to think about it. Idea come when we are relaxing, mean our brain still working although you're not still thinking the idea. Have you ever feel when you suddenly wake up and got some solution? It mean your brain still working while you were sleeping. So if you never think, then the brain also wont thinking. But when you think, the brain will work harder that you.

The world is full of ideas....

Yes, one should not limit his or her creativity. The world is full of ideas indeed. For instance, when you look at a paperclip, what can do with it?
You can make key from that, like in spy movies
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