Thursday, May 04, 2006

Just a Human

Yesterday night, my friend almost make me angry. I feel so upset of what's been done by her. I dont know if im right or wrong. But thanks to God that im not angry ( in front of her or others ). I still can cooldown myself and thinking many factors that make her did it.

I can imagine if I get angry and blast it all to the people doing wrong thing ( from my perspective ), maybe all of the effort i've been build will also ruin. So watch out of your emotion. Blast it and you get the negative effect too. As a human it is our right to get angry or upset or get badmood, but you must think, is it has benefit for you ? or just make things get worsen.

Self control is easy to say but hard to do. It is like there is a delicious pizza in front of you but you dont have permit to eat it.

Well in next tips and tricks I think I will write about controlling tempation to fight or to get angry. Honestly im still feeling unwell, but let the past be the past.

You are so funny! I just read the example about the pizza LOL. No, you didn't.
well thats just for example
there is a temptation
and we must handle it
yeah, I hate it when that happens. Thats why I start screaming long before things piss me off. Long before the pizza is put in front of me.
Nice post. Dont tak it too hard. Instead, try to make it up with your friend and show her that you are really sorry for getting angry. I think this way you can get better result.
THanks a lot for adding my SOuthAsianBIz in your blog. I will add your blog in my asianbiz too.
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