Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lets Read Comic

As I said comic isnt a bad source for kids. You can read it with your kid. Here is some tips and tricks to prevent choosing wrong comic. But there is also sacrifice you must made to make this comic mission going well.

Read it first
Before you buy comic for kids, you must read it first. And make sure that the comic doesnt contain pornographic or much violent. I know that it is rare to find comic without violence. So just filter the violence, not to much blood fest, not to detail on character scar ( dont buy it if its too expose the character scar or hurt, maybe its a sadomasochism comic ). Also you must aware of the age meter on the comic ( some comic have their grade , example : everyone, above 13, above 17 ).

Read with kids
You can read the comic with kids. But dont disturb them to much. After reading together, you can discuss the content. Example : Why Spiderman must hit Green Goblin, or why Superman is angry and say some dirty word. Then you must explain that we can models the good character, but must avoid to become bad character or using bad habit as smoking or saying dirty word.

Read after they read it
If its not comfotable for kids to read with you, then let them read it first. Then you can borrow their comic, use friendly approach. Dont make it an inspection. I think they will also be happy if their parent or teacher want to read their comic.

If you find something wrong
If you know that the content of the comic that already bought by your kids is not suitable for them, then you must explain it clearly. Substitute with other comics or toys. Remember to always explain about the not suitable content , why its not suitable, and etc. Dont just grab away the comic without explaination.

As I said, need sacrifices to doing this things. Its not easy, but there will be no easy for doing the best for our kids.

Yes, comics is a great thing to learn. Unfortunately, in my country, many teachers and parents think that if the children read comics, their studies will get disturbed.
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yes i wish I could get royal blogger too. anyway in south asia there is a comic brand that bought marvel license, if im not wrong the brand is gotham comic ( i think its based in India )
This is cute, my twin. I love reading comics, and I love reading your posts. I had such a great time in NYC. I will post those pictures soon.
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That's cool. Nice guidelines! I couldn't have said them better, myself.
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