Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Country

Some of you maybe dont know where my country is. My country name is Indonesia , and you can find it on world map, its above Australia and south of East Asia. Indonesia is an archipelago country, a counry with many islands. There is Java island, Sumatra, Kalimantan ( Borneo ), etc. You may found the island name on many movie, in King Kong one of the ships name is Surabaya ( this is name of a city in East Java ), also it is mentioned about skulls island. I think this is a fictive but its said near Sumatra ( an island also in my country ).

If I said Bali, most foreigner will know, they know Bali more than Indonesia. Bali is a great island with beautifull sandy beach. But unfortunately its been bombed twice by terrorist. And also there is some drugs case there.

Honestly I said that it is true that my countries isnt in a good condition. Terrorism is still active here. Also corruption by government is still not decrease.

I'm hoping that what I'm doing in sunday school can give better future for my country. Hope that the kids someday can become a great leader and make improvement for my country.

This is a beautiful picture of Indonesia. I would love to go there one day. Listen, someone has been spamming my website. WTF? The word vertification is turn on, but people are still able to spam my website.
thats one of risk Taz, the word verification is easy to complete.
well you might come here maybe after my country can stabilize its condition.
i love indo anyway..
well everybody love their country
but only some people care and want to take action.
lets build our country
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