Friday, May 05, 2006

Recharging the Battery

I dont know if I write this for myself or for others. At this time I feel so tired body and soul. And I've got some tips from others too. Well I think I can relate this post previous post about "things you shouldn't forget ( as a Hero ) ". There is a point about energy and it says not to overuse our energy. But there is a time when you didnt notice about your energy meter, and at night or even before sunset you feel so tired. It can be physically tired or psychologically.

At this condition we need to recharge before get sick or stress or frustration.

1. Its time to leave the court
When a basketball player got stamina decreased then his coach will substitute him with another player. We can do this thing to, just leave it all, the works, the ministries, and even dont think about it for awhile. Remember only for awhile, and dont be afraid. Leaving the court doesnt mean that you will leave it forever in your life.

2. Eating and Drinking
This is a simple answer I guess. Eating and drinking can boost your physical energy. And I prefer to eat favorite food or drink , when you do this you will feel better psychologically. But remember not to eat or drink excessively or you will get obes ( overweight ). Ice cream also have positive effect, and chocolate can make positive feelings too ( when you eat chocolate, the feelings is like you're in love, thats why chocolate very popular at valentine, I dont know the truth about this ).

3. Doing hobby
Doing hobby can make u happier. But you must remember the time too, dont waste to much energy and time. Hobby that taking to much energy will decrease your energy meter. So, do it wisely.

4. Sleep
This is the most important thing. Sleep well about 6-8 hours is the best way to recharge your energy. Because our body is totally resting, and our brain can lower its activity. Nap also good for refreshing. Remember to make your sleeping time as comfort as possible. When this "golden time " ruined it will ruined your whole next day too. I have experienced this, when the electricity down, then mosquitos come to bite me, and I cant sleep well which causing I feel unwell on the next day.

5. Pray
Have a silent time and think of God. I will always get some spiritual recharge when doing this. I know that God will never leave me on whatever happened. As the soul get recharged then I can sleep well and get up with positive feelings.

Have a good rest friend!

I love your concrete examples! Very nice! Based on your post, you seem to gain all your energy back, mate. How are you feeling?
I sleep well last night ,I'm fine today and ready for action, and I hope my fellow friends too.
Lately, I haven't been getting a lot of rest. Since I am relocating to a different office, I have a lot on my mind. Also, my turtles are sick, and I am father in distressed. Bummer. Anyway, have a beautiful day, mate.
Unfortunately, I am a a restless person and I try to hang on and not rest. This is a very bad habit. I am happy that you have a better habit than me. I am also a big fan of tasty and unhealthy food. But I never smoke and I think that this is my good quality.
well i do must leave this blog world on saturday and sunday. and the meter go down into 9 visits, but its ok since i have ministry to do
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