Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I like watching sky at night. Especially when there are stars in the sky. It looks very beautiful although the light isnt clear. Some times ago, I sent a short message through cell phone to my friend, I inform her about the beautifull stars on the sky. But she said that my message got no meaning. Maybe she just thought that im trying to flirt on her.

Well stars have a good meaning. They are very usefull to guide people who lost in their way. Long time ago before human create navigation tools, ships and trader only hoping on stars guidance. Many life can be safe by stars guidance. The light is only like a dim but it can be very helpfull.

Our life, as the Bible says must be like a light. Maybe we dont have a bright light. But like the stars that could make itself usefull, we can make it also. Doing just simple things for others is got a "stars" meaning too.

I've put
link in my blog, and if you click on it, it means you give a plenty of rice to others who needs it.
simple things but have good meanings.

What a good site - very inspring. Thanks for visiting, too!
well visit regularly
because I will always update
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