Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday School : Back Again here

Hi there thanks for coming...
Well for the last two days I keep updating my blog with earthquake news. And I think its time to go back to Sunday School. Yesterday, the Sunday School going well, and I think most of the kids didnt know about the earthquake although parents and teachers talk about it. Only kids which their family lives in mid Java know this.

And sadly one of my student grandmother and grandfather become the victim of earthquake. They're not dead, but their house cracked a lot. Also one of ex-teacher which lives in Jogja, his house ruin in some part. Well 5.9 Ritcher is a big quake there.

The topic yesterday is about God who take care of us even He isnt with us physically. God with us in the form of Spirit that protect and guide us. A bit hard to tell children about this, but with some illustration, they can understand well. The illustrations is about kindness that can be done by kids. They can do it because they've got guidance from the Spirit.

GBU all!

May God be with you guys during this time.
You really are a unique person. good on you!
My country, Bangladesh also suffers from natural disasters. Well, we do not have dangerous earth quake yet but flood and cyclone are our annual companion and many people die. For example, in 1992, more than 100,000 people died from a cyclone.
I appreciate one quality of Asian people very highly- fighting calmly with disaster. The western people have something to learn from us about it.
thanks for info Raz, maybe because geographically Asian got many disaster, and make us tough
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