Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Things you shouldn't forget ( as a Hero )

It will be good if you can be a Hero. But there is some other things you should remember. That actually we are not a real superhero ( I mean like a comic hero with super skills ). We are still a human and live in human world ( earth ). So , we should remember these :

1. Family / other community

As a Hero, often we are too enjoying our "heroic" job, and this made us forget our family. We forgot that they need our time too. You can be a Hero in one community and also can be a Foe in other community , dont let this happened. Try as hard as possible to balance our time with them. For example, in Sunday, I must be at Sunday School a whole day since 8 in the morning until 18.00. But in Saturday, I share my time only for my family and if there is Sunday School things I should do, I will do it as fast as possible.

2. Energy

Reading the first paragrah, I have mentioned about human. Yes, indeed we are still a normal human, not a super human. So, we must realize that we also have limited energy. Remember not to overuse your energy. It happen often, after doing our jobs ( which we try our best ) we got sick. This is not good, and not effective if after doing "heroic" things, then you got sick for a month. Yes , I know that there is term sacrifice in the firt part of From Zero to a Hero, but do it without thinking will just waste it.

Example :
When you and your friend preparing for Christmas. You do all the things by yourself, then you've got sick for a month. Your friend must take care of you and the job that you left behind.

3. Pray
This is the most important things. Remember that in everything we do we need God. Sometimes when our mission is accomplished well, we claim it by our own success, we forget about our team and God.

4. Learn
Don't get to much satisfied if you get success. We should evaluate and learn more. Don't just stuck in our first success, things change quickly and we must anticipate this by learning those things. Be a Hero not a Legend! I'm also still learning more about Hero, becoming Hero, and also I'm still learn to write in better English.

Iam reading this blog for the first time. This is really a nice article. It is true that we may dream to become superheroes but we are not super heroes. We are normal human beings living in a society. We have our duties toward our families, friends and society which we should not forget.
i got the inspiration to write about this part , as i see many people become too occupied by their work or ministry
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