Monday, May 01, 2006

What is a Hero?

When I share some tips to become a hero, I havent defined the meaning of a Hero. According to me a Hero is :

1. A person who came when needed.
Whatever happened he/she will try to come and help. Whether there is hard rain or snow, whether sick or not a Hero will ( must ) come.........

2 Sacrifice
This term related to the point 1. A Hero often make sacrifice for helping others or in doing his job. Sometime a Hero must sacrifice his pleasure time, resting time, or sleeping time to do a " Heroic " things.

3. People's Champion ( Optional )
A Hero will be in every people's heart. Therefore a Hero shouldn't help people by only same religion, nation or skin color.

4. Not a Bounty Hunter
Contradictory to point 3. A Bounty Hunter hoping for reward after doing job. But Hero don't, as you become a Hero, sometimes people forget about your helpfull hand. Or they just don't know your "heroic" work to help them. But that's ok, we are not a Bounty Hunter. Keep that in mind.

There is some hard things to do to become a Hero
need training
need sacrifice
need commitment
and of course need God's help

I disagree. You don't need training to be a hero. Good post.
Ps: you gave me an idea for a poem.
still we need training......
or maybe i should say train to be discipline and commit
hedgehogman, your posts are inspirational and well thought out!

I, too, think anybody can be a hero, with or without training.
ok thanks
i will think again about the
term "training"
There have been many heroes in my life and they had no special training. I think that training isn’t quite the word that you’re looking for. Heroes and heroines come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life.

I think I'll blog about this. LOL
become a hero can be learned
so i think it can be trained too

like become an artist, there are talented people, but there are also people who learn and trained to become an artist
You can’t compare a hero to an artist. You miss my point entirely, but I’m not about to argue with you. Look up “hero” in a dictionary. 911 showed us that the world was full of heroes.
thanks for commenting
well i just mean the heroic side of ourself can be trained like as u trained your intelligence.

anyway thanks for 911, I got some idea to write about a heroic blog ( maybe in Indonesian context )
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