Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What they said about the Zeros

“ We don’t like their music, and even the popularity of guitar is going down”

( Decca Recording Company when rejecting The Beatles, 1962 )

“ You won’t go anywhere, kid. Better going back with your previous job, as a truck driver “

( Jimmy Denny, Grand Ole Orpy manager when kicking out Elvis Presley after a show at 1954 )

“ Just learn to be a secretary or get married “

( Emmeline Snively, director of Blue Book Modelling Agency, her advice for Marilyn Monroe, 1944 )

“ Your teeth form is bad, and you talk so slow “

( Universal Pictures Executive when Rejecting Clint Eastwood, 1959 )

Well , all of us know what happened then with the Zeros. They’ve got their popularity boost and reach their dream. Many heart stabbing words come to us, to stop teaching, to stop blogging, said that you’re nothing, you’re not a good teacher, you talk to slow, you’re ugly, you can’t be with kid, you don’t have talent, etc. But the one who know our future only God, and the one who decide to walk on or just sit is us. We can learn to get better and better until become the best.

I translate the sentences from Indonesian language so it maybe a bit different from the real sentences ( if you found it somewhere ).

picture taken from internet

you know what i like about you mate. You focus on ONE topic and elaborate on it. This makes you a good teacher. It's like a doing lesson plan. You have to revisit some of previous topics. well done!
thanks Taz, your blog is good too, its about Q and A and also the other series.
When I started blogging seriously 3 months ago, many of my friends thought that I am crazy. I decided to give 12 hours a day and I am becoming a very successful blogger now. I am a full time professional blogger now and it took most blogers many months to reach the position I could in 3 months. Main thing is you must ne prepared to sacrifice something to get something.
By the way, if you have time please read the two short stories:

Living in Love

. I am sure you will like them.
nice one Raz, you're great. 12 hours , yes people will seen us as crazy one if we sit infront of computer for that long time
If anything blogging improves your english, therefore it's all the more reason to blog. Don't let people get to you. ((((hugs)))

Ps: I wish you come post at Invision
well i've been around there, anyway there is no quick reply there..
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you're welcome
and goodluck for you
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