Wednesday, May 03, 2006

When you are not the "hero"

This is not a tips, but only a thought of mine. Behind the heroic things I wrote, honestly often I dont feel becoming a "hero" because somebody has taken that role. When I'm not the one who can help, when I'm not the one who save the day, when I'm not the one being there, etc.

Deep in my heart or maybe your heart too, there is a bit jealous seeing other become a "hero", even he/she didnt mean to do that or doing that because of their kind hearted ( not to get praise ). There is also a time when everybody talk about the other person and just forget your part, or even they don't feel that you are being there also. It will get worse when you do the things and other get credit.

Well I know i wont feeling well having that experienced. But I must realize that everything other do or I'm do is for the benefit of other people ( ministry or society ).

A little things that maybe not count as heroic things by other can be heroic for us. Even dont got a big name, one of my friend is happy when he can make the children smile and learn with happy face. I'm also give credit to myself when I can do little things for kids, even it is only helping a boy to wear his shoes.

Well I cant become the "hero" but I can become "Hero"

Would that not be classified as an unsung hero? Do read my latest post.
yes it can be like that. And I write the term "hero" and Hero here.
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