Sunday, May 14, 2006

Where are the teachers gone?

I notice this question at a "Matilda" by Roald Dahl ( a kids to teen book, but also great if you want to read it ). There is scene in this book, when Matilda asking in her heart, where do the teachers go after school over. Are they just gone , pooping away then poops in again tomorrow, or they just went to teacher box. Me myself has this question when I was a kid.

Then Matilda found a surprisingly fact about her teacher. This happened when her teacher invite Matilda to her house. They walk together to that house. The house is small, and her teacher eat only simple food , she dont have butter so she used margarine.

In my country, there are lots of teachers life below good condition. Some of them have side job as a " ojek driver " ( they used their motorcycle to deliver people, just like taxi but using motorcyle ). And lots of them have worse house then Matilda's teacher house, their house just made by tripleks ( thin gipsum wood ). And still many problems they got such as cut off wages by governtment ( the reason is for their retirement funds )

This is very ironic, the educator dont get a good life.
Hope condition will change , and job as teacher can have a good status too in the society.

picture taken from internet.

In my country too, teachers do not have good salary. It is true for school teachers and this is so tragic. Well, the problem is that we do not want to understand that if the society does not ensure normal facilities for the teachers then it is the children who do not get quality education and the society gets harm.
yes 100% right!
and if this happen again and again, then nobody wants to be a teacher, then teacher will really "gone"
It's sad that children are not receiving the education that they need in your Country.
.. you may want to change the spelling o that to "popping away and popping in"...
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