Friday, May 12, 2006

Why Zero to a Hero?

Maybe some people have some question about why I made the From Zero to a Hero series. Am I a great hero, or a great teacher so I can write about it?

No, and absolutely not. Im not the great one. I write from Zero to a Hero based on my experience as a teacher ( in school and sunday school ). I have earn some bad experience ( kids fight, coming late, dont prepare well, misscommunication with other teacher , etc ) and got some lesson from that. I only share the lesson that I got , so I hope others wont get same bad experience like I feel.

People did something wrong, often not because of their fault or stupidity, but because they don't know the "how to". And through " From Zero to a Hero ", Im trying to inform you ( reader ) the "how to " in many topics. I hope it will be usefull.

Remember , Im not the clever one here, you're freely to comment or also share some tips here. Zero means nothing or just empty, and after reading "From Zero to a Hero ", hope you get something and there is no zero again, or the goodnews, you can be the Hero.

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