Friday, June 02, 2006

Marriage and Blog

Hi there, im so sorry to tell you guys that I cant update my sunday school blog for a short time. My computer is being removed, and havent got internet connection. The cause is my brother will get married soon, and rooms in my house are being re design, and it forced my computer to be repositioned too.

Right now I'm using my brother's computer, but I cant use this regularly because he need this computer to type and print invitations for his wedding.

hope to update again soon....
anyway im still updating the news blog, not because I like it more, because its easier to update than this one.

Congratulations to your brother. What about the bride? what does she do? Will you not post pictures of the ceremony?
By the way in your links section please include the news blog.
Hi theree...duuh, kecian...tereliminasi si kokom ya gara2 kawinan ur bro. Tapi gpp, man...Sapa tau nti nular..Ok?
Congrats to your brother! I'll be awaiting your return!
ok thanks all
the marriage will be held in next 2 weeks, and we're still preparing so many things, the invitations , dress, etc. Also my sister from US will come here with her family.
conggrat for your bro..

kapan rencana kamu nyusul merry :)

pokoknya tetep update yah ?
wuah, sudah diapdet tuh..mudah2an bisa ya online lebih sering lagi
see you soon.
Hey, how about making a post about your brother's wedding when you come back again.
Congrats to your brother. We'll miss you.
Congrats to your brother! I hope you will post soon again
hi guys...

nice to read your blog.. come to visit my blog also ya...hehehe...
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