Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Power of Newsletter

Hi there!
remember me?
this is me again, back in town!
I think there is not much time to explain about my absence in the blogging world.

Let start to talk about newsletter. I think everybody can make it, its easy and dont need much money. Usually I makes it with microsoft office publisher. It have many templates. But the most important is like a blog, the content. I use newsletter to promote about the kids camp last month, and I think it helps to gain participants.

The content musnt be to straight, use some easy going words, then in the middle or end of newsletter just write a bit about the program we want to promote. So kids wont notice the aim of the newsletter when first read it. If you write about bible verse, or just stick with the program, I think, kids wont like it. The newsletter will just become like a letter for parents.

Add some pictures will be interesting too. At my newsletter, I add some world cup stars picture such as David Beckham.

Anyway nice to see you again!

"Hi there!
remember me?
this is me again, back in town!"
You updated this blog after 2 months. I thought you got married too and then went to honeymoon. (lol)
Welcome back and it is great to see that your blog will be again updated daily.
In the last two months, two things happened for me. I have a new
blog now, IndianRaj and I also

got interviewed
. I hope that you can blog again regularly. thanks for your
comment in my blog and Timel Tigers are in Sri Lank.
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