Thursday, August 03, 2006

Win but Lost

In our relationships with other, we can play many roles such as play as a nice guy or bad guy. And in relationship with other teacher or kids we can be friend or foe for them. Don't just look from our point of view that he/she is our friend or our foe. But see it from their eyes, do we friendly with them or not.

Its easy to make foe with others. From a small debates, than just create always want to win emotion, and turned down everybody. Although we are in the right side, but doing this will just make so many foe for us. They can think that, ok you're right this time but we dont like your style or attitude. Many simple action can make foe with other.

To make friend with other, we need to know how to act low profile and kind hearted. Always try to be polite whether you're so angry or sad. If you have some debates , dont try to win it at that time, just make it fair. Then if you're not satisfied you can talk it personally with your "opponent". Choose a friendly situation to talk this serious thing.

I dont mean to play double agent or double face people, what I mean is how to keep good relationship with other along with some different concept each other held. If we can can maintain this relationship , and prevent " always want to win attitude ", maybe we can prevent many conflict that could happened.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Power of Newsletter

Hi there!
remember me?
this is me again, back in town!
I think there is not much time to explain about my absence in the blogging world.

Let start to talk about newsletter. I think everybody can make it, its easy and dont need much money. Usually I makes it with microsoft office publisher. It have many templates. But the most important is like a blog, the content. I use newsletter to promote about the kids camp last month, and I think it helps to gain participants.

The content musnt be to straight, use some easy going words, then in the middle or end of newsletter just write a bit about the program we want to promote. So kids wont notice the aim of the newsletter when first read it. If you write about bible verse, or just stick with the program, I think, kids wont like it. The newsletter will just become like a letter for parents.

Add some pictures will be interesting too. At my newsletter, I add some world cup stars picture such as David Beckham.

Anyway nice to see you again!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Marriage and Blog

Hi there, im so sorry to tell you guys that I cant update my sunday school blog for a short time. My computer is being removed, and havent got internet connection. The cause is my brother will get married soon, and rooms in my house are being re design, and it forced my computer to be repositioned too.

Right now I'm using my brother's computer, but I cant use this regularly because he need this computer to type and print invitations for his wedding.

hope to update again soon....
anyway im still updating the news blog, not because I like it more, because its easier to update than this one.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

How is it Going?

Hi there , its been a long time since I post about my Sunday School.
Well, Sunday School is still going well, but still many things to do here. First is preparation for the Kids camp. We havent found good speaker for this camp, but yesterday when preparing for sunday school together with my friend, the preparation leader makes me interested. She's so great and lead us well. I think she's got the power ( read about this on my previous posts ), she prepare all the things well and her stlye is good also the face expression.

Second, the Sunday School also makes preparation for Children day in July. The theme is about child abused in family. Usually we also trying to gain funds for disabled and sick kids. And with this condition in my country, maybe we also gain aid for earthquake victims.

I've got a sad news yesterday, saying that one of ex sunday school teacher still in treatment at GuangZhou ( China ). He has problem with his kidney and he has spent a month there , and sadly doctors said that there is no improvement in his health. He is one of my first friend in Sunday School, the first class mate I have there, and has guided me well in teaching. We pray for his health.

God Bless you All!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fun Sunday School : Social Activities

Hi there
related to disaster happened here, I want to share some ideas to involved kids in social activities to help others. The most important thing is to give seed to their heart about helping other and the feeling to help other with genuine motivation. As usual, I will share simple idea only, because from the simple one, then we could take a bigger step ( its ridiculous to send my kids as a volunteer in dangerous place ). The activities below, related to fund raising and collecting usefull things for disaster's victim.

Class Saving
Make a piggy bank or place to save money for your class. You can make it together with students or kids. The bank must be big so it can be filled with much coin ( money ), also it should'nt transparant. So kids wont compare each other money. Each kid can give their money voluntary in that bank. The one bank for a class is better than each bank for each student. Because, again , individual bank will make them seeing each other saving account, and the one with small amount of money can be sad. Gives deadline time, example : after a month then, the bank will be emptying and the money will be given to the poor or needy.

Bazaar/garage sale
Held a bazaar in your school, and invite all the people from your community. The things that sold in bazaar can be used item, or anything kids want to sell. Also a good idea if they making some craft or arts to be sell there. The money gets from this bazaar will be used as charity. Making cookies and sell it here also great. Teacher, parents and kids can make it together.

Caroling/talent show

Same as the bazaar idea. Kids can perform in a show to gain money for charity. The show can be a singing show or drama. Remember to practice and train, dont just make it easy. Also involved all the kids, don't just the clever or smart kid.

At last, I want to said again about the importance of the lesson, to care and help other. Doesnt matter how much money can be gain. We're not selling our kids here.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Earthquake in Java ( Indonesia ) : New Blog Established

Hi there thanks for coming
Im sorry, if you come for info about Earthquake in Java, there is none of it will updated again here.Because this blog has different aim than giving information and news.

I've established a new blog with informational and news content. Especially news in Indonesia.

here is the address :

it will be updated daily
thanks for attention.

From Zero to a Hero : Patience

I wrote the post below last week, when the connection is down at netcafe. And Im thinking to post it now, but same as last week the internet is down again now. Well if the internet going well, I will post it, because reading this again make me feel better. Here is what I wrote last week :

Right now I just really want to get angry. But still I can handle this feeling. The internet is so slow here, and I've got bad result on my blog meter. Only 10 peoples comes up. Remembering that this evening I must finish the informational letter about kids camp ( which acctually this isnt my job, but I must handle this because she got sick ), I have no problem with doing this. But thinking about the short time to finish it make me feel unwell.

In situation like this there is some tips :

Take a deep breath

Well ,I've got better by doing this repeatedly. The explanation is , when taking deep breath, big ammount of oxygen entering our bodies, which mean it increase oxygen and blood flow to brain. With more oxygen in brain, your brain can think more clearly. I keep doing this, yes it will be a weird things, but its better than get mad in this net cafe. This is usefull too, if you want to get angry in class, just do this thing first, and try to think clearly. Don't let your negative emotional state ruin your class.
Positive thinking

Think about the positive side. Well the internet is slow, so I have time to write article, not keep browsing everywhere. And one of the good thing is I've got idea for write this article. And about the letter business, well at least I can learn how to write formal letter for parents. Maybe someday that skill will be usefull.

Try to think logically. Get mad and shouting at the net cafe's owner wont change the internet speed. Just sit down and wait, isnt a good idea too, but it wont be troubling. When you think logically you can find the reasonable answer. If you angry with kids, you can hit them, but the result will be bad. A young chessmaster said " Don't move until you see it " ( Josh Waitzkin ), means that always look for the best move.

picture taken from internet

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sunday School : Back Again here

Hi there thanks for coming...
Well for the last two days I keep updating my blog with earthquake news. And I think its time to go back to Sunday School. Yesterday, the Sunday School going well, and I think most of the kids didnt know about the earthquake although parents and teachers talk about it. Only kids which their family lives in mid Java know this.

And sadly one of my student grandmother and grandfather become the victim of earthquake. They're not dead, but their house cracked a lot. Also one of ex-teacher which lives in Jogja, his house ruin in some part. Well 5.9 Ritcher is a big quake there.

The topic yesterday is about God who take care of us even He isnt with us physically. God with us in the form of Spirit that protect and guide us. A bit hard to tell children about this, but with some illustration, they can understand well. The illustrations is about kindness that can be done by kids. They can do it because they've got guidance from the Spirit.

GBU all!

Earthquake in Java : Citizens stay at chicken farm

The shortage of emergency tent , makes hudreds of people from Pentung village , Bantul, staying in chicken farm. All of the houses there are destroyed because of the Earthquake. They are eating and sleeping there, as shown in pictures. The biggest number of victims are from this area, Bantul, more than one thousand people die ( from all three thousands )

Telkomnet, as one of big internet provider in Indonesia, got their traffic down almost 40% in Jogjakarta.

picture taken from internet.

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